Unlike Any


Introducing a new wave of female creators expanding the sound of their respective genres.


Campaign Overview

Every genre is in a perpetual state of motion. Just as there will always be people yearning for the good old days, there will be new generations of creators with no regard for norms—polarizing artists like Little Simz exploring the boundaries of hip-hop by blurring lines between grime and trip-hop influences. In 2017, Under Armour and SoundCloud brought these stories to life by identifying a selection of breaking female artists expanding the sound of their respective genres and extending their creative vision far beyond just music.

From fashion and visual art to photography and academia, Under Armour surfaced the indescribable, unconventional, and indefinable creators who take pride in the many different passions, interests, and pursuits that make them whole. Throughout the campaign, SoundCloud promoted one track by each artist alongside an exclusive interview exploring the artist's non-conformist nature—how they define identity on their own terms, the challenges around not succumbing to the pressures of boxes, titles, or labels as well as the aspects of music they love most.



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